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2020 may have been a crazy year but here is how I kept myself busy. If you are looking for recent examples of my work, feel free to visit the links below. – Ferenc Nemeth is a world-renowned drummer who needed some help to build his sales page before he could launch his online masterclass. I was honored to assist him with copy for his landing page as well as some design and marketing tips to make his launch a success. – Dr. Ginny Baro is a brilliant leadership coach who reached out to me for help cleaning up and clarifying her copy for her mastermind sales page. I also had the opportunity to help her craft her video script and help with several other projects related to her brand. – Aleta Maxwell is another amazing career and leadership coach who contacted me for help building her website. She already had a web designer but was having trouble creating copy for all her pages, and also needed content for her blog. I worked with Aleta for a whole month and helped her get her website off the ground! – I work as an independent contractor for this digital marketing and lead generation agency and helped them with copy for the entire website. I also create copy for their clients and have contributed to their blog on several occasions.

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Have a wonderful 2021 and stay safe!

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